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fileg [userpic]

what might have been challenge
elrond, isildur
december 22 2003

HonorCollapse )

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might-have-been challenge
the Fellowship
december 24 2003

Parth GalenCollapse )

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might-have-been challenge

DutyCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

challenge: might have been
december 26 2003

Isildur's HeirCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

minor character challenge
december 13 2003

ElevationCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

december 11 2003
the kipling poem the title references

Breaking StrainCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

my take on the 10 member fellowship...
minor character challenge at lort100Collapse )

fileg [userpic]

Faramir, Denethor
december 3 2003
challenge: passion

Blood PriceCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

November 23 2003

Fire and IceCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

Faramir and Merry
November 25 2003

LeavingCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

The Grey Company
for the weather challenge at lotr100
november 2 2003

ErechCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

for the minor arcana challenge at lotr100
November 15 2003

At RiskCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

a Dilbert-style homage by notarysojac

These were done by Jim for the "Anything, But Ordinary" (show minor characters in the midst of an ordinary day) & "Crossover" (to write of a culture you have never written before) challenges at Henneth Annun

Cubicles of Valinor

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fileg [userpic]

For Mr Kinch
December 20 2003

BeregondCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

Fatty Bolger
for shebit's lotr100 minor character challenge
December 10 2003

Fear! Fire! Foes!…. Awake!Collapse )

fileg [userpic]

November 29 2003
for the lotr100 passion challenge

Sworn ManCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

The First Time
Faramir - Boromir
November 17 2003

The First TimeCollapse )

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fileg [userpic]

Earth, Water, Fire, Air
Four drabbles for the Minor Arcana Challenge at lotr100
November 12 2003

Earth / Ace of ShieldsCollapse )

Water / Ace of CupsCollapse )

Air / Ace of SwordsCollapse )

Fire / Ace of WandsCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

Wheel of the Year
for the Change of Season challenge at lotr100
Arwen (Eldarion implied)
March 30 2004

Wheel of the YearCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

November Sky
for the lotr100
Boromir - Aragorn
March 8 2004

November SkyCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

fileg and notarysojac
for the Valentines Day / Romantic Encounter challenge
edit: reposted here from the defunct lotr100

The KissCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

for the mistaken identity challenge at lotr100
January 31 2004

ConfluenceCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

Boromir - Faramir
For the teaching challenge at lotr100
I don't write slash. *fileg hides her head under her wing* It's just an innocent game...
(self reverential in that it is meant to reference my story The First Time)
January 27 2004

SmileCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

Faramir - Boromir
January 26 2004
for the LOTR100 "teaching" challenge

Your Own WordsCollapse )

fileg [userpic]

a conversation that includes two languages for the lotr100
February 23 2004

two tonguesCollapse )

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